All reservations are to be previously confirmed by email or telephone.

Prior booking is required to ensure a guided tour of the archaeological site. It is recommended to book with sufficient time so visit can be done on the date and hour requested.


Telephone: + 34 635 900 123


All visits are guided. The visits are organised for a minimum of 8 people, with times being fixed upon the formalization of the reservation. Duration of the visit: Approx. 2 hours



Please specify the type of reservation:


Interpretation centre.

Guarrazar has a small interpretation centre, housed in an old restored tool shed, where some panels of information have been installed to help the understanding of site.

The reception and souvenir shop are also in the same building.

Excavation sites.

All excavation areas are visited together with the Guarrazar archaeologists, who in addition to explaining the excavations processes and results, provide an overall vision of the historical phases of archaeological site.

There are currently four visitable excavation areas through the enabled footpaths.

Bathrooms and covered porch

Toilets adapted for people with limited mobility are provided at the site together with a covered porch of 120 square metres for the development of activities, both related to didactic workshops and cultural events.


It is prohibited to collect remains.

It is completely forbidden the collection of any kind of remains or soil material. Our intention is that they are with us for the maximum time possible and we all share responsibility for their care and preservation.

Accompanied minors .

If you come to visit us with children, please make sure that they are always with you. Help us by explaining the importance of not running and screaming, as they may bother other visitors. At all times groups of children must not be left unattended to ensure compliance with the rules.

Backpacks & packages.

Backpacks and similar can be worn. Just note that we do not have cloakroom, so you must keep it with you at all times.

No animals are allowed.

Animals are forbidden, except for guide-dogs.